The Ambiguous Indian

Exercising voting rights isn’t about choosing your personal best anymore. It is about choosing who you can put up most with.

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The Tale of a Hair follicle

Sobbed a while over plucked eyebrows? Iced your legs after waxing? Welcome to my world.

In the Living Room

“You know you cannot give me the silent treatment forever!” said Noel, as he watched Dina glued to the television, wearing his brown, leather jacket. He smiled in the darkness of the room, knowing that she at least liked something about him. Click. “North Korea has been...” Click. “The idea of democracy is often...” Click. “Thousands... Continue Reading →

Holy Cow!

The Indian cow is chewing more than the usual cud these days. Setting debates on fire and people against each other, this humble animal should be anything but humble!

Fear of things & being mad

Either way, I might end up being mad. Overthinking is my forte, which is subtly juxtaposed with absent-mindedness so that my brain can breathe. But OD'ing on either can cause a mental catastrophe on my cerebral plateau. Ever since I was a kid and saw a distant paternal aunt lose her marbles, I was worried... Continue Reading →

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