How “much” is enough?

Sometimes I think we need too “much” from life.

alice-alice-in-wonderland-johnny-depp-mad-hatter-muchness-favim-com-117723The “muchness” (term borrowed from Alice in wonderland, albeit with a different meaning) as it seems, doesn’t end ever. From better grades to better status, from richer makeup to richer husbands, we are perennially after a certain muchness that seems to run away from us. When I recall days when I had smiled, without really meaning it to be a perfunctory smatter of goodwill, I perceive that they were because of smaller pleasures. When the chicken was cooked well, when the child brushing past me smiled and touched my hand, when the recline on the couch seemed to massage my back, when my favourite movie started as soon as I switched on the TV, when the sweet breeze caressed my cheek and the brought with it the smell of rain, and perhaps a lot more than I can care to remember.

Sometimes, when I think of all this, the daily run for money, long plans for the uncertain future and resplendent dreams of tomorrow, seem like a joke. Who knows if I would be elated to be spending enough to buy happiness from stores, with my debit card? Who knows if I can buy it at all?

When I look at how much is taken away each day from me, I whine. But I haven’t yet figured out, how not to whine and rather go have fun. Who is stopping me anyway?

I recently smiled after watching a movie. I rarely do that. Its either a heartrending cry or a smart comment on the ingenuity of the director’s wit. But I smiled after I watched Amelie. I think it gives me enough reason to write and store it in words so I could smile again later.

Ah! I am still smiling without anything “much” to think about!



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