Sexual preference implying criminal intent is just the craziest thought ever!

A crime of sexual intent is perpetrated on a person of the same gender. Would you call it a homosexual crime or simply a crime? Why I brought this up, is because many who consider homosexuality to be abnormal would agree with a victim of sodomy that homosexuality is what made the crime happen. While actually, it is not. Sodomy is sodomy. It is not akin to homosexuality.

As our world view is changing every day, so is our tolerance or intolerance of something becoming clearer – one such something is homosexuality. Years ago, as far as scriptures go, there were homosexuals and transgenders in our society and they had a specific place in the kingdom’s hierarchy. With myriad influences, including colonial, the acceptance of the alternative genders waned away, to the point that it became a topic of abnormality that needed medical attention and correction. (I wonder if British Puritans planted this idea into our otherwise secular heads, but let’s not digress.) People today, do not have a choice of zoning homosexuals into a dark room and forget about it, because they are everywhere – business, media, art, you name it. So, while in the ancient times, they were categorised mostly under clandestine occupations and hence remained outside the immediate royal radar, they are now more pronounced in their existence. That might have ruffled the feathers of our otherwise ‘modern’ society. The prospect of bumping into them and not knowing how to react (because people with reservations think they have to immediately react to the ‘situation’), has made them parochial towards the LGBT community. I have come across educated, modern, head-banging rock lovers and suave, sophisticated, fork-and-spoon men with nothing less than Apple gadgets in their hands who think that gays call themselves so because they like to be close to women.  It apparently gives them leverage over their intimacy with women. When I first heard it, I went “Wow, that brain of yours is truly overworked”; of course, inside my mind, because who wants to pick up a fight. And this is because they can still comment on gays, since gays are more available. LBT are a scarce section and hence no comments about them as of yet.

The crime part came into my purview when an acquaintance put homosexuality as a forerunner of something like bestiality. Pause….

Long pause……

Seriously, what? Sodomy or rape could forerun bestiality, I understand, because all of them suggest a sexual predator activity; in this case, the human being who did that – irrespective of male or female. But how can someone’s sexual preference make him a criminal? A rapist is a rapist. That he/she is heterosexual or homosexual is inconsequential to the crime. A long debate with my sisters-in-law and the husband took the whole conversation, tangentially into social survival. But the crux remained the same – how can you compare crime with what a person is? Oh, I get it. Just because we call it sexual ‘preference’, people interpret it as something a person chooses to be. Maybe, some of them have made choices, out of psychological reflexes against a certain gender due to molestation and recurring trauma. But what of those who are born a homosexual? And I mean people who have had a completely loving childhood, equality of personal and professional choices and people who have gone over to become (like any normal human being) a person with jobs and relationships.

The choice of the perpetrator to rape another human being is because of his perversion or disorder. It has nothing to do with which gender box he ticks off when signing a form. When people box human behaviour according to their genders the whole argument of equality falls apart. The argument that it is okay to be a man who is not masculine or a woman, who isn’t feminine, is back to square one, if you compartmentalize the genders of LGBT. 0b94926c7572fe431c5d05fb4ed3b747

Man: Strong.

Woman: Tender.

LGBT: Abnormal and having the possibility of being a sexual criminal more than the above two.

Yes, if you are a victim and you choose to hate the particular gender that caused you harm, it can be paused for consideration. You have suffered at the hands of someone and everything related to that someone – be it his/her profession, looks, attire, smell or in this case, gender – could abhor you. That is natural. But that is a condition. If you have duly recovered or are in the process of recovery, you might not have a skewed notion towards that particular gender in general. A woman raped by a man may not necessarily hate men or choose to be with women. Likewise, a man raped by a man may not suddenly start hating other men. He will definitely abhor what a man can do to a man. But just because the act was imitable to the consensual act of the homosexuals (and I mean physically, not mentally), he cannot attribute it to them as a crime.

I believe that this is happening because the victim never got the due support he deserved. His doubts about the act being homosexual was never clarified. So he will forever remain parochial to his view. To undo it, we have to talk. We have to let our fears out and find out why what happened, happened. And for that, parental and societal support is not just necessary, but mandatory. This support in itself ought to be patient, gender tolerant and understanding towards the real condition ofIMAGE-blog-2015-04-29 the victim. Instant blaming of the larger representative group might be an easy weapon, to stave off the immediate crisis but it isn’t the solution in the long run. You can beat the hell out of the door that your child bumped into to tell off the ‘bad guy’, but that might condition his mind to believe all doors are bad.

For the clouds to clear, we have to start accepting all genders as they are. After the dust of doubts has settled, we can ram the crimes and criminals and take them to court.


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