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The Writer’s Spot

I read a post recently, about every writer having an ideal place to write. That made me think. My ideal place faces a wall actually, instead of a window, and that is not because of lack of trying. My table just didn't fit in front of my bedroom window, without disturbing the rest of the… Continue reading The Writer’s Spot

On News

Would Priyanka 1.5 really augur Assam 2.0?

(Disclaimer 1: I don’t always believe what they publish in certain pulp-fiction Assamese dailies, but if what they say is true – Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra pitched and confirmed as official brand ambassador of Assam Tourism– I have deep concerns, against which, I’d like to engage in Wishful Thinking. Disclaimer 2: I have nothing against… Continue reading Would Priyanka 1.5 really augur Assam 2.0?