The Other Side Of Her

“I asked for tea, not ice cream!” Vijay jeered at her, in front of his friend. Meera took back the cups to warm the tea. His friend looked at her and then turned towards him, casually resuming the conversation. Meera had burnt the bottom of her palm while pouring the tea from the aluminium kettle.... Continue Reading →


Her Destiny’s Child

“Thank you,” said Mili, as the lady at the reception took down her name. “There are two more to go. After that, it’s your turn. Okay, madam?” said the lady.“Okay,” said Mili. It was pouring heavily outside the gynaecologist’s clinic, as Mili waited for her turn. She had taken a day off from work for... Continue Reading →

By the sea

She was definitely a face you wouldn’t miss. She was wearing a navy-blue and pink salwar, hair tied into a neat braid, a little puffed up on the forehead. She could have been a college girl. Her big, bespectacled eyes were lined with kohl. She was holding two bags of chocolates, chips and other snacks... Continue Reading →

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