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Simple Pleasures – Going once, going twice, Sold!

If you have high blood sugar or you’re trying to cut down on your weight or simply trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle, just stop the sugar intake completely. Maybe, learn to savour the savouries. But don’t try sugar-free biscuits, EVER!

Sugar-free edibles, be it biscuits, cakes, halwa or others are tasteless to the point of realising that earth could have tasted better than that. Biscuits more so, because they are also uglier than cakes or halwa. Trust me when I say this because I am an absolutely liberal biscuit lover and I will readily dip a Tiger Oro or Britannia Marie in my tea cup, without complaining. But I shall never take that nasty risk with a sugar-free biscuit, on the off chance that it might be tasty. Because it never is.

Ignorance is truly bliss, isn’t it? When our ancestors didn’t know about blood sugar or blood pressure or lipid profiles and TSH (more precisely, thyroid), they would eat and drink to their fill and die, of a ridiculous death, one particular morning. Relatives would be surprised because he/she was absolutely fine till lunch or dinner, adding occasionally how he/she had said something interesting for the last time before going to bed or something. They died early but they died oblivious to their diseases. Here we are, knowing almost everything about everything, and scared to our wits’ end about how eating this or drinking that could completely spoil our health and lead us to a brutal and early death. The knowledge itself kills us every day.


Gluten-free cocoa pancakes! Gooey and delicious. I wish I had caramel sauce or vanilla ice cream to add!

Every morning, I am told by many, seems to be an escape! And these people are not battling the quintessentially famous and often incurable diseases like cancer or AIDS or suchlike. They are suffering from the beginning of something, which if left unattended, could cause a heart attack or a stroke or liver cirrhosis; you know the likes. Eat, drink and be merry is an old wives’ tale now. Our grandparents put it very well and rightly so: You lot didn’t play outside as much as we did, take more stress than we did, lead sedentary lives and look for more than you require. And to add to all that, you know a lot too. That is truly why we are more aware of course; but definitely sicker than them, in both body and mind. At least, every time you bite into that sugarless pretender of a cookie, you feel like your earthly time’s up! Of course, who am I to judge. I just made a batter of gluten-free flour with cocoa, eggless-ly,  to make ‘healthy’ pancakes for breakfast this morning. It’s a different matter that they tasted awesome if you don’t go by the looks.


I wish we could trail back to the simpler days and leave the hurry to the squirrels. I wish we could be happier with lesser things in life. I wish we talked more than we ‘chatted’, watched and experienced our memories more than we ‘filtered’ them for instant uploads (I am guilty of just the same). I wish an apple was enough to keep the doctor away. I wish I could steal a saucer of milk powder and lick the spoon clean sitting in a kitchen corner, wiping off the sticky white evidence from the corner of my lips. I wish I could dip Milk Bikis biscuits and Little Hearts into warm glasses of Bournvita, sprinkled with chocolate powder, while sickeningly sweet berry marmalades were getting cooked in the kitchen to spread generously over fluffy, white slices of bread — without worrying if they were gluten-free or sugar-free!