An Open Letter: to those who scream abuses on public opinion portals!

Dear fellow commentator on public opinion websites,


Hope this finds you well-slept and calm. First, tune into your favourite radio channel or music app and play the best ambient music.

Now…don’t be alarmed but I have a few things to say.

You see, I’m all for political correctness and letting people be and not downsizing them by being judgemental. But these days, every time I write, voice an opinion, think of laughing or doing anything that is basically a reflex action of the culture I am born into, I stop and think. Will I be politically correct to do so? Sometimes I am right in going ahead and sometimes I get to know my blunder through people’s brickbats, because hey, they are obviously politically more correct than me, aren’t they?


Sometimes, one of those people is you.

I know you are a very consciously, politically correct person who has taught me to think before I speak and I thank you for that. You have made me utterly alert. But sometimes, you also tend to jump the bandwagon and loosen your cursed tongue without notice. I would like if you disagree and throw epiphanic bricks of logic at me than asking me to go f*** myself on a national platform. In short, you’re asking me not to have an opinion.

Yes, there will be differences. I will try to look at your point of view as I shall convey mine. If your adrenaline is under control as of any well-meaning citizen, you will argue and set me on the course of sanity without lowering (or maybe showing) your standards. If you are the kind who reacted because you saw half of a phrase and decided that it didn’t sit right with you; seriously, relax man! I’m tired of your verbal crescendo. We are not sitting in front of Arnab Goswami. We are under no pressure to scream, to increase the TRP of a channel. We can sort our differences in quite a civil manner.

For your information, ‘political correctness’ is a new phenomenon in India. Decades ago, you and I grew up looking at India’s racist, sexist, homophobic humour as something regular. We were expected by the same media that demands political correctness now, to accept the above as natural. Hell, until a few months ago, Kapil Sharma was cracking the same old jokes and his TRP skyrocketed. We are going to take time unlearning the old and learning the new.

So take a deep breath. Let’s start this journey together. Let’s vow to look at the world from the other side; before we judge the other side. Let’s also not point fingers at each other. Because I might not go ahead and fight you. But I don’t think you are the only one whose social understanding is chlorinated and sparkling.


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