9 ways writers can stall a hangover crisis

We all know what a hangover can do. The nausea of the day after the party always produces the regret of drinking too much and leaves with a promise to not be so irresponsible ever again. That’s pretty much a white lie we all live till the next party. This is a shout-out to all writers who go through this and what they can do despite the heavy head on their booze-slumped shoulders. Hangovers not only rob you of concentration but also the ability to write streamlined and coherent thoughts. But, despair not. Since you may still be woken up from your drunken slumber by some amazing idea, I’d like to lay out a few ways to keep those ideas from disappearing during the transition from a hangover to sobriety. If personal experience counts, hear me out.

  1. Hydrate: First things first. Grab a bottle of water and something fresh and not fried to eat. Remember, you are dehydrated. You need edible bio-fuel with water content to keep your brain working.
  2. Don’t think, just write: Jot down whatever comes to mind – ideas, experiences and whatnot. You’re body spent, not brain-dead. You may not be able to write whole passages, but you can definitely write a word.
  3. Use bullets: Echoing above, you might like to write things in bullet points. Your subconscious can excavate details when you’re sober.
  4. Paradigm shift: Switch from laptop to a notebook. If you’re in the habit of being on the keyboard like me, a change of scene could be good. Not just because it invites creativity but also because the screen glare in your current state of affairs could worsen your headache.
  5. Keep it simple: Write simpler thoughts. Heavy ideological debates are out of your capacity right now.
  6. Eat: It helps.
  7. Document the crazy: Your hangover is a byproduct of last night’s party. Parties imply revelry and jollification. Jot down anything crazy that made your laugh or cry or simply get weirded out. These faint recollections of your memory may become excellent fodder for a character or a scene later.
  8. Document your own crazy: Hangovers warp the brain’s universe. When you wake up with one, chances are, you could feel tired and irritated or even despaired, angry and/or panicky. Don’t worry; you were fine before the party, you’ll be fine after the hangover. Just journal what you feel. Use this later if you have a drunk character in your story.
  9. Record, if not write: If you’re too tired to take your pen to paper but still want to collate your thoughts into something productive, record your thoughts on your phone. Same thing (one-word journalling), different way (speak instead of writing).

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