What does a typical 7 o’clock Assamese news bulletin contain?

1 rape victim lying dead on a bed of water hyacinths or something that looks like a bed of water hyacinths

1 murder story – either after rape or due to a family feud, women crying and answering journalist’s questions

1 molestation victim (probably a school student) covering her face with a dupatta or gamocha and telling the harassing tale on camera and one teacher getting beaten up due to the harassment

1 bike accident due to overspeeding

1 organised rebellion, with a set agenda and a calm spokesperson voicing a firm threat of consequent action

1 unorganised mob rebellion, burning tyres with unidentified youths screaming slogans against political leaders and burning effigies

1 government story – in praise or criticism

1 broken bridge tale and shots of people dragging their bicycles over it

1 burglary – in a prominent location (or not)

1 salacious comment by someone against the government department or its employee(s)

1 sting operation exposing departmental staff of governmental or private organisation

1 official getting dragged to court, with him/her saying that he/she has been framed

*(OCCASIONAL) 1 over-enthusiastic festival coverage OR 1 felicitation of some award winner

Regular intervals carrying advertisements that —

annoy with a refrain,

embarrass in a family audience,

is made sans creativity and/or peppered with actors hyper about something (could be a masala or an ointment)


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