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Politics is like Enrique: “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape” it!!

Politics might be a stop-word for many, but it will invariably put it in a word, for where your buck stops. That is, your Standpoint.

I was sitting in my garden, trying to let Naipaul’s simple yet superlative thoughts seep through my common-man brain. Just then, I heard a Hare Rama, Hare Krishna chant passing by my house, the singers going all out in heart and soul; as the truck they were carrying their idea in, was moving slowly across each neighbourhood, gently leaving the haunting tune for the people to hum, even after they had left. The tune was, as I should have expected, a local favourite.

The song “Baro mashe tero phool phute”, sung by the folk maestro Late Pratima Pandey Baruah, is a cult song, encompassing Lower Assam, almost into a separate regional capsule. You know, the way they do Jagrata songs in the tune of popular Bollywood chartbusters, the Hare Krishna cult of the neighbourhood I live in, decided to run their religious/spiritual (I assume, secretly political) rally, by singing the Hare Krishna, Hare Rama song in the tune of Baro Mashe Tero Phool Phute.

Nobody living in Lower Assam, ever misses the foot-tapping, mind-capturing and deeply addictive beats of Baro Mashe. So, using the catchphrase Hare Rama, Hare Krishna in the Baro Mashe tune was smart. In fact, Baro Mashe is so popular, you could (not saying you would) spread inciting propaganda, subtle racism, product slogans or even contraceptive adverts in its tune, assured that people are going to lap it up.

Taking the Lord’s name aloud is nowadays, of course, another hugely unifying factor. You may be different in ideologies otherwise, but you’ll be united if you chant the same song. Actually, to be honest, when you chant the song, it really means you’re chanting a school of thought that is coloured, opposite the communal other. So really, your ideologies unite anyway.

It’s interesting how everything, even a song/chant takes a political standpoint. None of us, even the most apolitical ones, are left untouched by politics. No one at all. Whether we have an opinion or conform to one or not, everything we do or don’t makes a point.

P.S. Even your sneeze is an opinion. 🤧! Bless you!!