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The side-effects of being a highly emotional person

I was reading a Facebook post by an uncle to his sister, on her birthday. He reminisced their childhood memories, chasing chickens under a tree and remembered their lost brother. Naturally, I went looking for a hand towel to wipe my tears with!

But Facebook posts apart, my tear glands are up and running for anything ranging from TV commercials, songs, movies, books et al. I remember soaking my pillow and flipping it over and over, the whole week it took me to finish Tuesdays with Morrie. Airtel ads probably have their target audience analysis, based on me! Well, at least there’s some use of all this drama.

So when you’re this close to tearing up every often, there are side effects. Some you get used to, others you get annoyed at.

  1. Running to the washroom: I remember having to run to the washroom every time the song “Maa” from Taare Zameen Par was played, when the movie came out. I’d be vigorously washing my eyes and rebuking my silliness before coming back to the TV room. Years later, Bajrangi Bhaijaan did the same; and I’m not even a Salman fan. In fact, I seriously criticise soppy Bollywood flicks when I’m sane. I even hate reality shows for this same reason. But for all that logic, you just have to play shehnai-tuned background sound with sad stories of difficult childhoods and I’m running into the loo like I have the motions. As for the cult soap F.R.I.E.N.D.S., don’t even start with it! The last episode of the last season left me howling for a week.
  2. People judging/laughing at/counselling/taking a superior air over You: I hate it when friends/family stare at me once or twice to check if I’m crying when voiceless Munni screams Mama as Salman crosses over into India. “You were crying, weren’t you?” they ask. And the worst part is I am so choked up in emotion, I cannot even argue that I’m not. A friend told me once, “I think you love wallowing in sorrow.” #Garfield’sDuhFace. I hated that I was judged for being human. I obviously doubt if some hidden blue chord has become convoluted in the electrical circuit of my brain. But, I don’t want someone telling me that I was silly for crying. Dammit, I know already!
  3. Having to keep a handkerchief handy always: Now that, is not a problem actually. I keep one anyway. But…(don’t laugh), Itkatwltmves. Got it? Stop pretending like you didn’t understand. I said, Itkatwltmves. Got it? No? Ugh! Alright, alright!! I said – “I take a towel to movies”. Especially those movies, whose content I know, is going to be emotional. Handkerchieves are handy things for cold, sneezes, dirty/wet hands too. But I confess, I have other reasons of carrying it too.
  4. Needing friends who are equally soppy: Just so you don’t feel like a freak, it becomes necessary that you have friends/family who cry at emotional moments at the drop of a hat. I am proud to have had a roommate, who didn’t even need to watch a movie to tear up. All you have to do is tell her the story…well. P.S. We’re still in touch!
  5. Laughing it off: I feel like it becomes an utmost necessity to stop sniffling and laugh at yourself whenever you’ve cried your heart out at these opportune moments before people go “Whoa! You really took it to heart.” Because you obviously DID NOT take it to heart. You just reacted differently. But you have to blend in, don’t you?


Having said that, here’s a food for thought:

I intentionally missed out the part that anger or short temper is another trigger or end to such highly emotional complexion, but that is another story. A whole lot different.