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The Tale of a Hair follicle

One hair. You’d be surprised by what a single hair can do.

It can ruin a soup for starters. You don’t want to see a hair swimming in your clear soup. One single hair can be enough for a DNA test too. You have hair fall? Don’t go around committing crimes. Also, it’s the next easy hint at adultery after lipstick stains. One unexpected length of hair on a husband’s shirt can be enough to make his wife doubt what he was upto, even if he had probably held a blind woman’s hand to help her cross the road.

Threading, waxing, laser treatments and its clique however accords a different train of thought about hair altogether. Women (and men) who get beauty groomed, would know how the pulling of hair can make its follicles feel. I remember the first time I got my eyebrows plucked. I was already in the university. Nobody usually expects you to go without threading by then. Besides, feminism hadn’t caught up on grooming in our part of globe at that time. So it still wasn’t yet cool to go without the perfunctory parlour services.

I did it completely out of curiosity though. I should have listened to mom and shut up. But I didn’t. Even the lack of any customer in broad daylight at the beauty parlour did not deter me. I told the lady at the parlour that it was my first time. She looked nice and benign; so I handed my fate to her. She probably thought, going slow and plucking one single brow hair each time, at a glacial pace, would ease my pain. But in reality, it was my embarrassment at cringing like a kid at a vaccination while being a grown up and not her misunderstood artistry that kept me from screaming in her ear.

That never discourages me though. Even now. Grooming can be painful, but well, what isn’t? I did get a good taste off my adventure which is why I still go through this hell every fortnight. But then, I don’t bargain for the rashes that come along with it. Once I was left with a bunch of sore, red scars; so painful, I couldn’t wear trousers for a month. That it gave me leave to immediately buy a couple of maxi dresses is beside the point.

So, there. You don’t quite consider that a single strand of hair could screw you up so bad. Just because it has as much physical sensation as a nail. But while we shed hair involuntarily like animals or voluntarily like other humans, where and how it happens, can singlehandedly decide whether it leaves you looking presentable for your next date or dabbing lukewarm saline water over a red patch of inordinate pain.