An Unfortunate Catch

A man gets kidnapped and has no clue why.


In the Living Room

“You know you cannot give me the silent treatment forever!” said Noel, as he watched Dina glued to the television, wearing his brown, leather jacket. He smiled in the darkness of the room, knowing that she at least liked something about him. Click. “North Korea has been...” Click. “The idea of democracy is often...” Click. “Thousands... Continue Reading →

Yesterday Once More

A rainy noon is very misleading. You can think of it as an early morning or evening, and it won’t make a difference. My shoot was over and my eyes were crying for sleep, while the weather played cruel somnolent tricks on me as I waited for her. She had called me to meet up,... Continue Reading →

The Accident

This story actually missed a story contest deadline, so I thought of sharing it here. Besides, there's a lot of talk about mothering, going on about the social network these days.

The Unexpected Guest

It was a sunny, June day. Amma’s one bedroom flat was feeling like a furnace in the sweltering heat. Her only respite was a squeaky old ceiling fan that her former landlord (now deceased) had installed when she moved in. She was sitting near the window, fanning herself with a newspaper, soggy where her fingers... Continue Reading →


She splashed water on her face and eyes, looking into the mirror above the washbasin. She took the hand towel from the towel ring nailed on the wall and dabbed her face dry. She took another look in the mirror and stared at herself for a few minutes before she went out. She stood still,... Continue Reading →

The Bicycle

Ten-year-old Mansi looked at the gleaming network of spokes in her father’s bicycle. She imagined riding on it, passing her friend Billu’s father’s cycle repair shop into the fields at the end of her village, where farmers would be busy ploughing their land in tow of their black, hairy buffaloes. How happy she’d be! “Bitiya, get... Continue Reading →

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