Fear of things & being mad

Either way, I might end up being mad. Overthinking is my forte, which is subtly juxtaposed with absent-mindedness so that my brain can breathe. But OD'ing on either can cause a mental catastrophe on my cerebral plateau. Ever since I was a kid and saw a distant paternal aunt lose her marbles, I was worried... Continue Reading →

How writers are

Writers are an adorable breed. You get all kinds of them - feisty, subtle, superbly imaginative, confessional, funny, sarcastic. But one thing that makes them stand out is the ardour with which they make you read what they write. A writer writes because he/she has something to say. Well, most people have something to say,... Continue Reading →

Is Indian humour finally coming of age?

Humour, they say, is a difficult genre. You don't feel like watching comedy all the time. Especially, if you're going through a breakup, Game of Thrones withdrawal syndrome or simply IBS. But, not everyone thinks so. A recent Snapchat record of a guy's breakup went viral on Instagram and Facebook because he commemorated the loss... Continue Reading →

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