Disclaimer: My point of view, could very well be half-baked. Read it at your own risk! Should you lose your temper, please go take a smoke. I had decided not to write about the current 500-1000 fuss going on because the complexities of money and finance are a little too much for non-commerce graduates like... Continue Reading →

The Native ‘Perspective’! 

Funny thought #1: There must be something eerie about countries with the letter B. Whether it is 'Britain' or 'Bangladesh', they just take over nations, don't they? Funny thought #2: When you browse for the word 'khilonjia', Google throws up images of movie posters of "Khilona"! Is it a coincidence or what? Sanjoy Hazarika's book, The... Continue Reading →

Would Priyanka 1.5 really augur Assam 2.0?

(Disclaimer 1: I don’t always believe what they publish in certain pulp-fiction Assamese dailies, but if what they say is true – Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra pitched and confirmed as official brand ambassador of Assam Tourism– I have deep concerns, against which, I’d like to engage in Wishful Thinking. Disclaimer 2: I have nothing against... Continue Reading →

Breaking News or Breaking Noise!

‘Assam is a state of the blue hills and the red river.’ This sentence has forever haunted the articles about Assam, written in English. In fact, many school essays about the culture and heritage of the state begin with this line. I have always found it extremely clichéd and annoying, not just because it is... Continue Reading →

The World without Robin Williams

Literature has often told us how jesters are usually the saddest people on earth. Charlie Chaplin stands testimony to the same. Last week, Robin Williams, one of the most superbly talented humorist/actor/legend somehow made our fears of this probability come true, when he seemingly committed suicide at his California home. There was always a hint... Continue Reading →

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