Holy Cow!

The Indian cow is chewing more than the usual cud these days. Setting debates on fire and people against each other, this humble animal should be anything but humble!


(This article was published in the Sunday Reading of The Assam Tribune, April 9, 2017) FOR WOMEN, because that is assumed to be their office Notice how there is hardly any advertisement where the man is using the brand of edible oil in the kitchen or nappies for the child? Notice how it is assumed... Continue Reading →

Raging Bull!

First, the smearing of the humble plate of 'chowmein' for encouraging an aggressive sexual behaviour. Now, the 'phoren' bull! Haryana Minister of Animal Husbandry and Dairy, Om Prakash Dhankar's comment relegating foreign bulls in the bovine ladder for not being ritugami (mating according to the reproductive season) unlike Indian bulls and further calling them 'similar' to the people of the countries... Continue Reading →

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